Monday, October 19, 2009

o yeah,mate!

Howdie didi do!(gila lame)
So this entry post is dedicated to my good ol friendsz,sheren nabilah.(laila,i didnt forget you.just that sheren nye cuti habis lagi awal.hahaha)I hope this would not be our last outing,as you have 2 more weeks before you head back to your beloved campus.(heh heh)

We went to subang parade and our main purpose was to eat and catch up with the latest not so hot gossipsz.Ate at kenny's(my old pal) place(gilababi lame hahaha).We felt guily since laila didnt finish up her chicken(makan pun susah dia ni).She told us she ate tooo many a chicken from kenny's back in shah alam.Dah order baru nak ckp.ayoyoyo.(i felt kinda guilty).Then went to swensens to satisfy the setan within our tummy's with good ol swensens ice cream.Me and laila had our favourite,the Coit Tower!And sheren had ermmm......three scoops of ice cream.Nevertheless she looked happy and satisfied.Againn laila didnt manage to finish up her ice cream so i was assuming she really does waste food.(and i didnt feel guilty now)Ngeh heh heh

The food we had bak kata sheren between us that day boleh ckp sampai 100 bucks.(I think more).Hahahaha.But takpe,with good food comes great conversation,kan?I dont mind wasting my money on food c:

sheren with the" yeay,i got muh ois scream yeh."

me and laila with our so you want a pose,face

me and laila part 2 with yeah so we're giving you a pose,face

me and laila part 3. ............hahaha my face so cibai la kan?

I had ay good toime then,mates!Hope we can do this more often yeah?
pehal kan
who's famous quote is this
fink!and bob's your uncle,yeah?
i bet sheren knows.ngahaha

love y'alllz!

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