Sunday, October 11, 2009

forever 23's waiting bebeh!hahaha

sedap omg serious
heh heh

hepi as ken bii

Omg i've written my post just now but being me,I terdelete the tab la kann.Asyooo
So lemme repeat myself.Today I spent the whole day with mum at KLCC trying to find the right present for kakak.Pusing-pusing la semua kedai jewellery sebab we were thinking about getting her a locket,necklace,ring,whatever.But we just had a look sebab mum said if kakak gets first class honours then she'll get the locket.All the best to you,sistah!
Then nak pegi beli camera,the DSLR la konon but we knew it'll be a waste of money because both of us knew nothing bout cameras.Mama ckp senang cerita kasi je kakak duit so she can buy whatever she wants.Har har
Had tea with mum then went to maklang's house in Ampang to see my beloved granny.Lepak-ed kejap then went back to KLCC sebab nak makan kat that korean restaurant(I dont remember the name).Sedap bebeh!

To Faiqa,sorry so much bebeh sebab tak dpt dtg ur open house.We lepak-lepak next time k,babe C:

bnyk lagi gambar tapi malas nak upload.sila la ke facebook ye C:

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