Monday, October 12, 2009

rip stephen

Papadom sgt sweeett.O-M-GEE its an awesome movie.Yea some boring parts here and there but overall its good.Im not surprised it won best movie for FFM.
Afdlin Shauki is just so adorable.It makes you wanna have a dad like him.But then again,this movie tells you that your own old man's not that bad either.And yes the things a father would do for his daughterThis guy,Stephen Gately from boyzone,passed away on the 10th of October.OMG I am just shocked.Ramai nya celebs yang pass away this year.Its like too much to take.I think besides Ronan,he was one of the band members who actually stood out.He even had a single released though I cannot remember that song's name but it was not that bad though,he's attempt to be a solo artist
I mean among all the boyzone members,between you and me,you only know him and ronan.Right?So its like ok erkk.He's gonee?And boyzone just reunited last year,I even saw their concert on astro.And I was like hell yeahhh best best!Sekarang ni?Well may you rest in peace,stephen

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