Thursday, November 12, 2009

hey big spender!

I spent wayyy to much just now buying stuff for uni.haha alasan je sebenarnya uni tuh.I know my parents will be mad at me for buying out all these unescessary stuff like clothes,shoes so i had to hide the plastic bags.heh heh
Going back to Kedah this friday,huhu.No dont take me wrong,im happy that im going back its just that i'll feel sad leaving my buddies behind.And not to forget i still havent found the bag im looking for,where i can put in my books for class.My current bag right now is wayyyy to big.Brought by my mum who thought it'll be easier to cramp in my books with my laptop so i dont have to carry seperate bags.I love that she cares and even find the time to go and find a bag for me. :')
I love you big time,mama.Sorry la if you think im spending more time with my friends but elin selalu temankan mama jugak kan? C:
Anyways tadi keluar dgn akram,lala and dekna.Yes akram.haha sesat mamat tuh.So tulah menghabiskan duit yg ingat keluar mcm air from syabas.And we watched This is it and Pisau cukur.Two thumbs up!Though actually i thought pisau cukur plot sape bunuh datuk gatal tu mcm boleh lagi gempak.Tapi takpelah.Maya Karin is fuh reaking hott!Hahaha im not saying this in a lesbian way.Just that she is.Fazura ok ok la.MJ?damn i criedddd.haha best gila.Why did you have to leave us so soon,dear legend.I bet alot of MJ's fans felt emotionally sad inside when they watch that movie.MJ fans,its a big miss if you dont watch it.It's like his personal side he's showing to us. :(
Why this is quite a long post.haha well imma log out now.
Btw can someone tell me where i can find this type of bag?this is what i was talking about


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