Sunday, November 29, 2009

pavi o pavi

So raya tahun ni is agak sedih la sebab we tak balik kampung :(
Raya kat KL sooo la tak best cause you cant drive around seeing the beautiful view of your village(ceehhh)and besides its so EFFIN hot here.Dayumn!

So sebab tak balik today was spent at Pavi(btw i mean today as in saturday ye.Not during raya.gila ke?haha).Me and my siblings.And I seriously love these moments when its just the 3 of us,talking and laughing at what we do and of course not to mention dpt buat apa je yg kite suka.Haha ni kalau tak gaduh la kan.Haih i love them so much.Tau tak ha you two?tauuu takkk.Haha mcm korang baca jelah this blog kan.Anyways.

EWWWW.tapi dah ini je yg ade.hahaha best woo a christmas carol.You people should go watch it!

my brother actually smiled!hahaha c: dirty talk ikram, heh heh :P yes i live in that tshirt.its like my favourite.pakai sampai koyaks k?haha

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Nabil Hanesher said...

weh ikram dah gain weight. karma bites. haha jk jk. glad to see all of ur family members looking well :)