Sunday, November 01, 2009

war is like sucking a condom with holes.Stupid and useless

So bila cuti dah nak habis baru la cam ada activity sket.From the global peace thingy which was awesome and really mind opening.It tells you what war actually does,it contributes to nothing,people suffering in inhumane ways.Being tortured without cause,killed without reason.Gila babi and all thanks to America and the 7 veto powers in the UN.I respect Tun Mahathir so much for having the guts to voice this out and making it public at an international level.

Kudos also to those who actually came in to support,these people who were presidential candidates to British Parliament member,ambassadors and ex assistant secretary generals in UN itself,which as we all know is useless.Not forgetting the war victims themselves,being punished severely without any solid reason,and being treated like wild dogs.

Pictures I will post up later since i am kinda lazy.heh heh
Btw wish me luck for tomorrow!im going to have my JPJ test
Im to lazy to post up the pics la.You guys can check it out on facebook c:

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