Friday, January 01, 2010

duaribusepuluh :D

haha yeah im a bit has always been a routine every new year's eve to go to a place that has fireworks.last year was the curve,the previous year at some asshole's restaurant and this year at KLCC.i have to admit this year's new year celebration is by far the most less kecoh,less hassle and so relax.haha it was just the three of us me,ikram and papa since mama's to lazy to go out and kakak went to celebrate in the jungle with her suksis friends.whatever that makes her happy lol
So for 2010 i have nothing much to hope for except to focus on this sem and of course the 3rd sem which takes up the entire 2010.well i guess i'll be missing kedah in 2011.also the big event for this year is of brother's hoping for either japan or korea to get into the asia he says.i just go along with it although personally that chance is so thin.haha but you never know,anything can happen nowadays.who knows even malaysia can play in fifa.although that might be in the long run and might not happen for the next 100000 years,but let's just keep our heads up.our team's not doing so bad nowadays so maybe there's hope.haha ok why am i crapping about football?
so here are ze piczturess from klcc.fireworks are on video and klcc did a job well done > :)
*atas sebab2 tertentu gambar tak keluar bila blog ni ditulis but its being replaced with words so i cant give any caption cause i dont know which one's which.but the pampers picture is sooooo WTF i mean cmon people find a dustbin for heaven's sake!gila babi tak educated buang benda mcm tu merata-rata :S

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