Monday, December 28, 2009

the stupid loser

Im watching the biggest loser asia now and it saddens me that i cant follow it weekly since i'm in kedah.I feel irritated with some of the contestants,i mean some of them are just going to give up after all the hard work they've done to even get into this competition.i mean duhh the training is vigorous and tiring but that's the whole point right?all the chances given are wasted seriously.if i ever join the biggest loser i'll take whatever the trainers have to offer and give my best.duh its tiring but that's the whole point!dont join biggest loser if you want things to be easy peasy and you think a miracle can come and save you and make you thinner in a blink of an eye.serious screw ups.
Think of all the tips you can get to actually lose weight,hell even normal sized people will feel happy if they get the chance simply cause the training given are from specialists,whom we have to pay hundreds of ringgit per month or even thousands so that we can get personal attention from them on how to lose and maintain weight.and here they are these dumbos complaining and whining about how they've given "their all" and they have nothing left.i mean dude you can eat like a pig but you cant run like a hamster on wheels?its easier to be a pig i know but try to be a hamster i mean its the same concept right,you still get to be an animal,just a different one.
Haih stupid people dont know what they're missing.I wish i was in the biggest loser.huhu

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