Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watta week!

VC Cup was awesome and im really looking forward to go again.I also want to get involve in more debate competitions.Pics are up on facebook since blogger can be a bit annoying sometimes with pic uploads.
So met with my classmates again,nothing new to update in class.However,something really stupid happened,a girl was caught with her bf and it seems that the guy has been staying in the girl's dorm for 6 weeks.How fuh reaking scaryyy is that?!I mean omg 6 weeks unnoticed.If some girls had towels dropping or they scratched their butts until it shows,and to think that guy might've seen it.What the fish seriously.He was apparently beaten up by the guards who I think had the pleasure and the time of their lives kicking the hell out of that boy since they have nothing really serious to handle here.So that guy really made the guards day.
Another stupidity on my side,I still think there's hope.Stupid huh?After all the things said,I have to admit I miss it but what can I say.
Life's got to move on
PS:That girl actually went to class normally,grinning as if nothing happened.I wonder when she'll go on trial

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