Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today has been a productive day.Found my baju kurung,slippers and also a blouse.or something like that.
Good for ya!And how lucky,just when I wanted to swear to that pak cik for not saving the car I booked a day earlier,an auto viva shows up from nowhere.These people are really stupid when it comes to business.
Gahh I'm tired.Stupid speakers were on the whole morning talking about how us Masrian's should go supoort the college sports activity.But must you tell us like 94589935705439 times?We know la if we want to go or not -___-
Nampak sangat sambutan nya selayu bunga tahi ayam.
And dah-dah la nak pandang slack dengan kitorang budak pre law.Kitorang tak buat pape pun.

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