Thursday, January 21, 2010

of mocking debate and hiatus moment

The only wish every pre lawrian in Kedah right now wishes for is TO ABOLISH ALL ASSIGNMENTS.Well dont blame the lecturer,Ellena.You have the tendency to do things last minute.My brain is aching from all the reading to gain info regarding the assignments of 2 subjects;BEL 313 and MTC 039.Enough,Cialdini,you've given me a headache.I have a topic already for 313 and I hope she approves of it so I dont have to go look for other topics.
There might be a clash of something later on.I cant say it now cause I'm afraid its not confirmed.It saddens me though if this thing really clashes cause I'm really looking forward to go. :((

Oh how can i forget to blog about AGM! :B
So we started at 8.30.I was kinda nervous because when I came at 8,the hall was not that full and I was afraid that the amount will remain that way.Thank God when we started people begin filling in and the hall looked much better and crowded.We were afraid things were going to be like syok sendiri(bak kata Kak FD).Lol.So the meeting started with Mizi giving out his speech,followed by FD then me.I was kinda nervous because there were alot of people and I didnt have much time.So I talked fast and at the end of it Abg.Muafi said I was to bersemangat.Hahahaha
Then the videos began playing,introducing the Hi-Com and also our memories during VC Cup.It was fun and I was kinda sad looking through it.After that it was mock debate with the title "THBT MEN ARE THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL".I went up and crapped.Even said some censored words like bloody and haha "VAJAYJAY"You people should know what that means.A bit to open,much?Sorry it just came out I couldn't stop it.Heh heh
So that's that.Then it was debat's turn and after that the meeting adjourned.I had alot of fun and I hope I can do this again(Why the hell does this sound like a PMR essay?).
Anyhuuuu I hope Q will post up the pics soon.Can't wait to see them.And Syahirah also caught me in action although her phone's not that clear.Nevermind at least I still can see me being stupid.Heh heh.
I'll put up a pic here once I get a good one.All the pics in my phone sucks.Biasa la Nokia :D

Well enough rambling people.I'm off to bed

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