Tuesday, February 23, 2010


WAH LAU.HO LIAU.Haha welcome to the 70th post for this blog!*applause*!(krek,krek)
Moving on,its Tuesday and both English classes are officially over.A gazillion thanks to both Madam Rafidah and Miss Izati for teaching me both BELS which I must admit the exams are both superuberduper difficult but the lessons are worth the sweat.I really enjoyed it and I hope I'll get good lectures like both of you.(Hahaha mcm baca kan).Ini bukan bodek eh,ikhlas dari hati.
Ahh,the semester's coming to and end,this has been a wild,unexpected and really a very unpredictable sem.Lots of things have happened and I really miss it.New things tried,thanks debate club for making me a part of chu alls :D
Ahh as we close the chapter for this sem,I hope that my grades will remain constant or hopefully better.I really want to do my best and achieve great results from it.
Today we had solat hajat and bacaan Yasin at Pusat Islam to thank our lectures and praying to God asking for a solid mind to enable us to answer well during exams.Ah also,cause that reminds me I screwed my BEL 260 paper.Nevertheless,what's past is past,move forward and hope again,for the best.
So I welcome finals in 2 week's time before declaring that for 2 months I am no longer a Merbok citizen.Oh wait for me,fifa,swimming and music lessons.The things you plan to not waste your precious hols.Ahh also to friends who are going to start their degree,wait up peeps I know im a bit slow.Heh heh
Long post.Not that sleepy.Nevermind,Toodles!

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