Sunday, February 14, 2010

gaga ulala

Huhuhuhuhu I want to study but there's alot of distractionnnn.Why are there alot of good movies tonite?Huarrgghhhh
Went to pavi just now to buy some stuff for mama.Hehehe hope she'll like the presents we got her for her bday lunch tomorrow.Can't wait
Bencinya I have to get back to Kedah tomorrow because we have classes as usual.Nak ponteng fikirkan test and presentation psychology and law.Kesian la kat yang lain2 tak boleh plak nak discuss.Haish
I'm kinda relieved that someone went thru the same situation as me,and I'm glad because she's also good and this is like one of her slack moments.I mean she had fantastic grades last sem so I'm happy to know that I'm not alone to go thru this misery.Cehhh.Hahaha but seriously this is like a major misery that I have to suck in.Gahh
Ok.Wanna continue watching rush hour.Chowee

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