Sunday, February 28, 2010


SHEEETTTTT IM GETTING DARKER.Weh benci benci kenapa la apa salahku
No dont get me wrong its not that being dark is not beautiful,but for someone who had fairly fair skin(or so she thought),getting her skin darker without permission is like the wickedest(the hell) thing to happen since she already has low self esteem on how she looks.So this is like one of those *oh tuhan mengapa begini* moments.Awuhhhhh!
And it doesnt help that you have parents who tend to comment about this

Mama:Eh kenapo elin makin hitam?
Me:Omg perlu ke?(dalam hati)
Mama:Makin hitam botul(ulang)
Me:Yo,I know im darker.Tak payah la ulang
Mama:I'm just saying.You're dark now.

WEHHHHH -_____________________-"
Ini la padah mengutuk org hitam kan.Dayumn
And mama pulak asyik mengulang-ulang kan
Ayaaa manyak sedih la.
I wanna go paint myself with white paint now.

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