Friday, March 12, 2010

i begged for a bag!

I really have no life so Im blogging like 2 blog posts today.Gosh
Since my previous blog post up till now,I havent touched my law book.AT ALL.How crazy is that when the exam is this Sunday.I know,then read la.But I can't.To top it all of my period just came tonight and I'm like having cramps and the urge to eat everything.Damn
Everyone else is like busy reading notes and discussing.Dayum you people.
Currently watching Game plan on the mini tv.Oh gosh cant wait for mimies and sisies(haha sorry sis)to come fetch me!Over-night ing in some hotel.Singgah for pasembor in Penang.Heh heh papa will be jealous.
You know today my lappie was on the whole day cause I was too busy being a stalker(yes,how lifeless)at other ppl's pages,blogs and niggers on myspace.(Hahaha stupiidddd).And I envy these people like my friends,Sarah and Jas who use their talent to generate money,for example painting on tshirt,shoes and other stuff.I also stalked a debater who paints cute bags,and recently there was an expo in UiTM where a bunch of after SPM kids were selling painted bags and they were cute!I bought 2!Really these people are inspiring.Wish I was good in painting.Heh heh

Haha I call this one CLAMBO.(Combination of cloud and rainbow.Get it?)Heh heh

And this one has no name cause for very obvious reasons,its a thunder.*Thunder,thunder cats!*Haha k lame.
Gahh enough crappings.Toodles!

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