Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm bored.Sorry to those yg kept on giving me im's on fb,and yg tunggu kat ym tadi.My parents love to use my laptop to check their emails and sometimes it takes hours.I mean takkan tak kasi my parents to use the laptop kan?Sorry yeah
And yang call up but I didnt answer that was because:-
1)I was sleeping
2)Phone tgh charging
3)Tgh melepak kat luar phone dlm bilik.Sorry yeah
4)Credit dah habiss.HUHUHUUUU

I know most of you guys are just calling me up sebab cuak for tomorrow.Relax je k jgn la sebab terlampau cuak sampai tak boleh nak jawab paper.You guys just focus on what the question wants.If possible write down again the points given because to me,I find it very important.
Remember to READ THE QUESTION to know berapa patah perkataan,apa yg dia nak.Don't simply make conclusions based on your suggestions if you can't think of any.Just stick to the points given.
Ace it guys,so that we can all continue doing law with one thing less to worry about.
Good luck semuanya,saya doakan yang terbaik :)

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