Sunday, May 16, 2010

kamik suka kitak!

Ahh just got back from KDO in Swak.Had lots of fun there,met alot of friendly people and debated.Things might be rough at times but we managed to scrape through.Didnt expect to break till semi's but we did and that meant alot especially to me,as I see myself as the weakest member in the team.Nevermind let's just move on and tackle other tournaments,ey!
I'm too lazy to update any pics here.Maybe later.You can find them on facebook
Hello to Kedah in a few weeks.So many things to do still!Like buying a new bedsheet.Hihi
Thanks Aimi,Rda,Paan,Nina,Mizi,Anas,Miss Syazwani and Miss Fatin for making this trip fun and memorable.Debat or debate pun kita still boleh selalu melepak time tournament ni kan?:)
Adios amigos.
And congrats to the commitee members of KDO.Kudos guys for the awesomeness

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