Saturday, May 29, 2010

congrats sistah!

So I went for my sister's convocation on Thursday.I felt proud cause I think she did really well and I think that its going to be quite difficult for me to beat her.Har har.She looked really pretty wearing the *jubah*(what's it called in english?)OH ROBE! -___- and looking so demure and innocent going up the stage taking her scroll.Also awesome possum cause she graduated twice.One for her BLS(cant remember wat it stands for)which is her law degree and this second one is for her LLB which means that you are eligible and legal to go in and out of courts and practice as a legally acclaimed lawyer.I dont think you can be a lawyer with only a BLS.And she got to do it with 2 different VC's!One was with Abu Shah and this one of course,with the elvis hairdo,Sahol Hamid.Har har kenapa semua VC UiTM ada one trademark dkt badan? :B
So still waiting for the pics to be posted or at least tagged by her friends before I go steal some.Heh heh.Congrats again kak.You're awesome! <3
Omg I just said nice things about my sister.Hmmmzzz

And oh thanks to you both smelly beans,Ikram and Kakak for accompanying me to go buy baju kurungs at PKNS.Heh heh tiring I know.Sorry yaws.You both were great.I....(bibir getar)....I....I laff youzzz both! :DD

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