Sunday, May 23, 2010

enlighten me.

You want to know so much about my political view,eyy?Well here goes,
I am pro government and I'm proud of it.I dont like it that people tend to test my patience by giving me stupid links to read or when I go to some profiles and they talk as if they know everything.I mean I am interested in politics no doubt,but not to the extend of trying to act like you know "inside out" about what's going on with the current political status.I mean when you try to push the buttons,you just burn more fuel to add in the fire.How?Firstly,by creating irrelevant issues or pushing stories to make people feel more paranoid,and then using this as a tool to make all these "I dont know whats going on" followers jump to conclusions and fight over stupid things that they themselves don't know the validity and the solidity of.
Then like stupid pathetic monkeys we start commenting on each other's blogs,statuses about how this sucks,that sucks.Cakap senang la kawan.Buat tengok?
It is good to have the opposition because we dont want to be under a government that has mutual exclusivity because as we all learn,it will only lead to the abuse usage of power.So as good oppositions,why not disagree in a nice way,and give suggestions on how to improve the current status quo if you dont see it working right now instead of bashing the personalities of the people in the government themselves.I mean stop blabla bla ing and start putting some action to it,ey.And yes I do agree on the basis that there are some "tak sedar diri" UMNO/gov leaders,members that act as if they own the world.Tu pun,berubah la jugak eh.Kalau orang menyampah dengan kau,apa gunanya.Jangan nak berlagak bagus and kaya sangat la bodoh,tu yang buat orang tak suka dengan kau.
Conclusion nya kalau tak suka and ada pandangan,cuba buat dengan cara yang baik dengang berbincang ke apa ke.Ni kalau pergi tengok je blog ke,status ke semua nak pakai nama-nama yang tak senang didengar.Berpolitik macam la ayah kau selama ni jadi Perdana Menteri.Elok-elok la kawan.Kata 1 Malaysia kan.
And we all should hear both sides of the story.Gov and opp.
Watchu say.

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