Friday, June 04, 2010

fuck you Zionists.

Ahh sorry blog for neglecting you.So many things,so little time.I think this sem is really taking a toll on me.For one,I have NEVEREVER drain myself for English.And I had to spend 2 hours in the library just now,JUST to get information to write an 800 word essay -___- which is also called task 1.I mean come on! -______________________-"
Another issue that caught my eye this week is of course about how the Israel-lian soldiers ransacked and hijacked the ship that brought in help and supplies for the people in Gaza.I mean seriously motherfuckers?How intimidated are you to actually start randomly trying to shoot innocent people for no fucking reason at all?You deserve to rot in hell for all your mistakes that you've done throughout these years to the Palestinians.Benjamin Netanyahu,you seriously will pay for everything that you've done.Maybe you don't feel it now,but there's always the world after.And God is great.Don't try to challenge the power our Creator has.
The only thing the world can do right now is pray,watch,and demonstrate.What else can be done?Obama can only help reduce this issue but not solve it.After all,alot of the great Americans are Jews themselves so there might be a bigger problem in the future for the U.S.But I think its really getting out of hand now.The world has spoken.And even the Jews themselves have spoken.Rabis are going against Israel-ians themselves even if they share the same religion and believes.How bout that for anti-Israelism?
We can only hope for the best.That's right.Just hope.

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