Thursday, July 08, 2010


Omg this week has been a hell of a week.From law test to muet results,omg.Damn.
Firstly I dont know what the hell did I crap about regarding contract's act.Wat the fish la ellena,sedih do,dah baca tapi tak masuk.ERGHH!
Secondly,I feel sad after hearing the results for MUET that most of my friends got.More than half didn't make it through and I dont know what to say but to ask them to be strong and patient and never give up because we don't know our luck in the future.But I can merely give them encouragement,I cant feel their pain,I cant feel their dissapointment.Although I would do anything to get them to join me in pursuing my law degree,Insya Allah if my pointer is alright.But I can just hope for them,because I dont even know what will happen in the future.I hope that they can still be with me,God willing I can still go to Shah Alam.Don't give up guys.Like the saying goes,"When one door closes,a window opens".A window full with other opportunities.Or maybe you can still continue in your journey to pursue your degree in law.Amin

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