Thursday, September 09, 2010


Alot of things happening this week;
1)Ikram's Birthday on the 7th of September.Happy birthday little(err)brother

2)Surveying clothes for Hari Raya,with the two monkeys,H M and FIF.ahahaha

3)Hanging out with my long time no see friends especially LALA!(imissyoubabe!)

4)Of course,balik kampung to celebrate raya.Here I am now. :)It's so cold,quiet,peaceful and the view on the highway's breathtaking.Salute to sister for being able to drive with Mcdonald's fries and burger on one hand,and the other holding the stirring wheel.

5)And now,just waiting for raya.

Post up the pictures later.Dont even have them on my laptop -___-

;aha for the lembab post updates,let the pictures do the talking.This is from Ikram's birthday celebration at I cant remember the name of that restaurant(again).Kuryo Won or something.
Happy Birthday again brother!Heh heh

errrkkkk.mampos la.hahaha
SEDAP GILA WOOO.Had this for kakak's birthday last year.Birthday aku je makan kat dining mahsuriiiiiii
misai kau cam A.Galak.
birthday cake senget benget.Hahaha last minute punya cake,sebok dok carik kat KLCC tu.Tapi sedap la jugak.(Sorry la for the pink dots,eh Kelam).Hahahaha

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Farhan Zafry--;LITHIUM said...

cantek bj raya... cnt wait to see u... hahah in that dress...
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