Monday, August 15, 2011

dear debate club,

Minggu ni sibuk sikit sbb ada competition debate open kat KL.Since this is an open tournament,maknanya sesiapa je boleh form team sendiri dan masuk,dan bukannya sesama institusi saja.Jadi kalau dpt debaters yg otai-otai tu mmg confirm la susah nak break.But I just went for the hell of it,since Miss Fatin and Miss Syazwani baik hati nak sponsorkan I and Aimi,why not,right?
So motions yg kitorang dpt tu pun mcm kitorang tak faham sgt tapi menibai aje.Dah lama kot tak buat benda ni,rasa rusty gila!But apa yg penting is that we had fun.Tak rasa pun the pressure nak menang ke apa sbb at the end of the day its all about having fun and learning new things.(ayat standard gitu.).
Juniors from Kedah,I am proud of you,and I puji kesungguhan korang nak move forward and improve yourselves.I admit,this is your first tournament and I can't expect you to excel and tiba-tiba become the best and win.You guys have a looooooonggggg long long way to go,I pun mcm tu jugak,so if ur really serious about this then by all means improve urself with ur english,and read more to enhance ur knowledge,yada yada its all common sense right?

I tak suka bila org nak nasihat,u have to be so defensive.Sometimes u have to LISTEN to what others have to say in order for u to improve yourselves.Bila I nak nasihat pasal logic,all of u tak nak dgr.I nak explain,tak guna I nak sebut logik,logik and logik,bila all of u tak faham in what sense should u be logical.Bila I nak kasi example,u all tak nak dgr.Kenapa nak buktikan yg u faham what is lulzsec semua tu,tak relevant langsung with what we discussed earlier!I tau,u nak ckp bukan lah maknanya u semua tak tau langsung what is going on,baguslah mcm tu,tapi masalahnya kami nak bincang tentang perangai dan what u can do to improve.Ok we get it,u guys have something to say also to show that u pun faham the motion,but u dah prove ur point.Tak perlu nak mengulang ckp kat kami yg u guys faham sbb WE GET IT.But we want to show u,yg tak guna kalau u tau tapi u tak reti nak elaborate.Bila I nak ckp and u guys potong,it just killed it for me and that's why I ckp u have attitude.Now tak guna nak hire I and Aimi as trainers or whatever kalau diri sendiri u tak nak ubah.Try la trainer mana pun,I am really sorry tapi if this sort of attitude yg u guys bawak,sampai bila pun u takkan ke mana.I know this is harsh but this is the truth.Sometimes we have to accept that we're just not that great.Improvement,yes.You have improved alot.Tapi jgn la nak berlagak sgt dgn improvement tu,sbb standard u all ni jauh sgt lagi dari winning material.Now I ckp semua ni because I care,and since its coming from me it might sound harsh.But if u guys are serious about this and nak belajar secara ikhlas,I am more then willing to help u on that.The only thing I hope is that if I were to train u guys pun on manner and structure-wise,u guys will listen and give me ur opinion and feedbacks in a nice way.So sorry it had to kinda end like this,but until u can see that sometimes u just have to listen first to what others have to say and not try to defend everything,then u'll have an open mind and can learn better.Until then,all the best to all of you .


aiminadiah said...

way to go ellen..

ellena said...

hey thanks aimi :)