Wednesday, October 14, 2009


HUARRGGGH bosannya.I spent the whole day lying around the house,online-ing and watching tv.Even Astro's being a bitch right now,cause its raining.And im watching catdog in malay version.Woo
I thought when im in Kedah I miss out alot on tv but turns out NEHHH.All the shows are bloody repeated for god knows how long.Ayo its nice seeing you make an effort la Astro,by introducing new channels but what's the point if its always repeated?

Why the fook am i condemning Astro nih?Lol

Im just bored

Kawan-kawan,jom la lepak makan roti canai kat faris
Andd no to budak-budak UiTM,bukan faris class rep PL1G bermata biru tu yeh.

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