Monday, January 18, 2010

i is shopping sakan nyah!

Yaw yaww.Went to Penang this weekend.The usuals,Kassim Mustapha,Gurney,and Feringghi.I didnt really fancy my hotel.Ok-ok lah.After dinner Saturday night,i met up with alot of UiTM-ers.It seems like some of them were going to audition for AF8 at Gurney.I went later that evening when it was already closed.Hahaha but hell no I didnt go for the audition,gila ke,my dad was around and besides I dont think I'm qualified and I'll only make a fool out of myself.
Shopped like crazy at Gurney.Went to look for a blazer and shirts and omg nichii was having like a gilababi sale,my blazer was 50% off!So a 100 bucks blazer became 50.Susah la nak carik that kind of bargain.I was lucky heh heh.Then shopped for a cardigan and some tshirts at Padini.What surprises me is that there were like a sea of people in that shop,but like not all of the items were on sale and if they were,it was only like 10%.Hmmmz.
I'm sacred.AGM is tomorrow and I'm like not that prepared.I mean this topic is a bit bias(lol)and I'm not sure if I can pull it off.Wish me luck peeps!
Family just got back home.Jalan sangat jam di Sg.Petani tadi.Hairan,hairan

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