Friday, January 15, 2010

I is a stressed lady!

Hohohoho tests are over thank God!Half the burden's off my shouldersss :)
So now I'm in Swiss Inn.Lol poor parents are too tired to drive back and forth to Penang.So I'm going tomorrow.
I think most of u who were in the same hall as me during law would know how I struggled and how I was the last person to hand in my paper.I feel so stupidd thank god Sir Zul is very understanding and patient and he didnt snatch my paper or anything.Before you accuse him of being bias or anything let me just say,I had already drafted my answers and I only copied them back.He didnt allow me to do it at first but I begged like crazy because I didnt want to hand him a drafted paper!So he allowed me to copy back my answers SIMPLY BECAUSE the answers are already there.Bukannya I was thinking of the answer there and then.Tu memang tak adil gila la kan.
So I managed to finish the paper although you people dont have to worry,its so damn shitty I dont think I can even score.So Sir Zul is sooo not bias or berat sebelah k.I just want to make it clear manalah tau ada yg ckp I was given extra time.And who knows he might even cut off my marks because i went over the time limit.Huhuhuhu
Moving on,so what else that very evening after pre mocking debate discussion(Aimi talking about sperms and what not) I went out with Tirah and Puteri to CS.Played bowling and then we went to eat at hotmas.Bowling really is my therapy right now.It's like I put all my stress on that bowling ball and try hit all the pins to satisfy myself.Then the next day(which is today,)I went out again with my classmates,Akram,Fariz and Ev with two other humans,Paan and Uzair.So Akram,me and Uzair were on one team and the other three were our rivals.First round we won,second round they won,third round us :).So hehehe sorry la Fariz yeee.But all of them can play especially for someone like Paan who hasnt played for so many years(dia yg ckp).But whateves,I was the second highest scorer,after Uzair! :D
Uzair and Fariz were both on fire because they striked like almost all the time especially during the last round of the last game.Uzair striked three times straight,while Fariz two.Agak gila disitu.Tapi takpelah asalkan korang bahagia.Eh fikir2 balik kan,semua org ade strike at least skali kecuali aku!HUH!Takpe takpe.Aku still top.Hahahaha ape cer Akram kau dah dua kali tewas nih.Walaupun kau team aku tapi secara individu nye.Hahahaha
Omg post ini sgt panjang.Takpelah.Release tension.Lolz

Marilah melakukan nya lagi :D
PS:Assignments nak campak dalam tasik tepi foodcourt,pls? :O GAHHHHH

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