Friday, January 29, 2010


Hahaha this new layout mcm buruk je.Ngeh I suddenly miss my xanga.
But you people dont use xanga
You people suck.Lol
The new dining's kinda nice.Ok la the design.Not that bad.
But still,stoopid to just open one when there's like 1289327289123 gajillion humans(ladies) starving for food here.I mean we have to be like cannibals when it comes to getting food during lunch and dinner.And no,I still havent lost any weight after all this.Ngeh ngeh
That's because,genius,when your sources of food is limited,you take alot more than usual because you know its difficult to get that source.
Or that's just a cover up for someone who has no contol over her appetite.
But nevertheless my actions are understandable,no?
Shut up lah.Don't descriminate me.Lol
You might be wondering,"what the hell is wrong with this gerrllll?"
Lemme tell you something,nothing's wrong with me.It's just that the boredom here can really kill you.
Back to the food topic just now,yes its stoopid.I dont know what these people are thinking.You make us girls suffer,and the boys,who are an insignificant number of majority here gets a good dining that provides 2++ star treatment,and a hall for themselves.
Return Mahsuri back.Or prepare to be cursed
Fyi,the two dorms for girls are Masria and Mahsuri.Now only Masria is currently opened permanently as they want to close down Mahsuri's dining.
Mak Leha took too many panadols the day she decided this.
And yes,Ellena Razif.You're lame :)

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