Monday, March 22, 2010

Babehh,babeh,babehh UUUUUUU

I am obsessed with Justin Bieber like crazyy now.And that baby song is like auto playing in my head.Damn stupid kid got me hooked.Lol

Damn,too young bebeh
J.E wehhh.Sounds like the disease from mosquitoes.Lol
I really have nothing better to do.Krek krekk
I feel like a freaking pedophile if I date this *boy*.Ngahahaha


aurevoir said...

j.e bkn pnykit berkaitn ngn mosqtoes n binatng yg "haram disentuh" tu kew lin??hihi..anywy, he hve a great voice=) love it tooo!

miss potato said...

sape ni eh?haha oh yeah babi eh?tu lah confuse sket di situ :B