Friday, March 19, 2010

what the hell is she babbling about?

I wanted to buy a book by James Patterson,The Murder Of King Tut,which caught my eye while I was browsing thru Borders while waiting for mum to pick me and fatty up(tak sedar diri).So while Ikram was doing his business in the toilet,I looked thru and it was really interesting.But I guess its better to go with papa to Kinokuniya cause he practically lives there and I don't have to use my own money. :D.I've tried reading some of Patterson's books that included the hunk detective,Alex Cross but I never seem to be able to finish it.I read the book Cross,about that sick murderer who raped his victims before killing and also the murderer's private life,being molested by his own father,thus making him traumatized and mean.It's a very deep book and the last time I read it(unfinished)was when I was going to sit for SPM.So my sister had to hid the books from me or else I wont touch the reference books bought for exam.Now I have to go fish back the book and God knows where it is.
Gosh I do ramble alot :B
Oh and also watched Alice In Wonderland just now at Tropicana Mall.Seriously guys that place is the best to go watch movies.There's like...nobody.But you can die out of boredom tho.My brother was practically drooling as I dragged him here and there.Alice was ok.Kinda funny,I did expect this type of movie;like Series of Unfortunate Events kinda thing?Ya digg?
My brother's favourite character:THE MOUSE
Mine:That sexy caterpillar smoking shisha.Hahahaha
I love Johnny Depp dearly and he was definitely adorable and smexyyy in that movie.But the caterpillar was sexier!(I forgot the name)
The Queen was cute too,and the frog who got caught eating the queen's tarts.Alice was awesome too.Lol in conclusion the whole cast was awesome and the story's good!
But Anne Hathaway looked sick tho.I wanted to pass her some aspirin.Gosh if the red and white queen are blood sisters,can u imagine how the parents look like?Ngeh ngeh
I betcha the white queen took after her mother :3

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