Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dont mess with fire.AGAIN.

So cerita dia in short is like this the NAZA 34 car got burned.Damn kan?Mula2 rumah now the car.But our car was not the cause.The car NEXT TO IT.Some pak haji's Kembara.God,I when I heard about it I was like takkannnn laaa our car?Guess whatt?IT WAS.I was just speechless laaa dont know what to say.So I went down to go look la.Memang cannot be saved already.My dad's planning to sue that guy under negligence.Because it seems that he left his engine on and went up to go get something,and he forgot about it.Dont know la if thats what really happened.But it was still his fault la for leaving his engine on like that kan.And what can we say,our car was parked next to it.Sadd isnt't it.
So we've made a police report and now we're waiting for the insurance company to settle it.Dont know la how much we'll get.But alot of funny things happened before the car caught fire.Things like I terlanggar sikit the front mirror and the whole thing broke,the metals on the tyres were going to break and the front of the car was also breaking.Like minor-minor signs that this car was on the verge of dying already.And mum told me how funny cause she felt like this car was like a person,and through out this month she has had a wonderful time bringing the car for a spin,going to Terengganu la,Penang la and of course Kedah.So it's like the car had been used to its full potential before it's gone for good.Like a human.Weird huh?
Of course the whole family will miss this car.This car has been used for the past 7 years and we cannot repay its kindness,bringing us here and there.The car that we bring to go to far places.It is a sad thing for all of us now that it's gone for good.Really touchy and emotional right now.I crieddd. :'((
And its funny that throughout this past 3 years,the major incident that involves our family is always fire.Humph some coincidence,huh?


Nabil Comet Hanesher said...

ive been in the car! with fries+mayonis+cili sos.. and.. abu. ahahaha

takpo, rozoki tu ado kek mano mano. mano tau ekau dapek merc ke nanti...

miss potato said...

haha omg yes time form 3!rinduu la.its those moments la that's sad.cause this car is very nostalgic.didnt expect to end it this way.ingatkan pepaling it will become really old and dah mmg takleh nak digunakan and we'll sell it off.but tulah wat can we say.mmg takde rezeki,kan


no larh. this is like some plan from God probably. maybe it's a way of testing your patience? lol. but like your friend said, who knows! maybe something really awesome will pop up! this one was just your luck larh. takpeeeee. [: i can still drive you around larh fats. <3

miss potato said...

haha thankss sarah.yeah its like just let it be for now.i knoww bebeh.thanks. :3