Thursday, March 25, 2010


I want to talk about my ***.Yes hello *****.Wazzuupp.This is like some sort of luahan hati 101.Lolz
So yeah I do love this ***,****,*** but seriously now some of *** actions are getting on my nerves.For example you know ur sick,ur slow,ur fat blablabla.Then do something about it la!I mean you just sit there and cough and sit and cough and like order people to go get ur medicine.I knoww la I mean what annoys me is this,dah tau sakit then STOP SMOKING.Stop eating too much.Stop living a pathetic life where u sleep most of the time.Cmon do something more productive laa.You should know better.Its so annoying.You're only ** and you act as if ur 100 and ur about to die tomorrow.You're still young cmon la.And you seriously have no self discipline at all.I mean who am I to talk right,but at least I'll do something if I feel like my health is deteriorating.Cmonnnn la ****.Get up and do something with your life.It's like so sad.And pathetic.I dont know how to tell u this without making you angry.But its so annoying.ANNOOOYINNG.I feel sorry for you but you have to feel sorry for urself first.Erghh I've kept this with me for so long.

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