Monday, April 12, 2010


This is post 101.Eventho its a day too late,at least better then nothing.
So this post is dedicated to the winning of N9 in the FA Cup.For you Malaysians who are soo drowned with overseas football,FA is one of our local championship.What?Lame I hear?Well support MU all you like,you still eat sambal udang with rice and ur armpits are still black so just shut up k.Hahaha this refers to those who think that going to local football matches are lame.Cmon la seriously go get a life.And no,I'm not saying that we shouldn't watch international leagues.We all do la cmon.I'm just saying dont la be too tak sedar diri.Ok la nevermind let's just move on.Btw this does not refer to all.Heh heh
So we came just in time and some Kedahans were already making so much noise but people,Kedah people are civilized.Kudos people!Seriously it was fun not having any signs of disapproval or anything.Both supporters were just shouting out moral support to their respective teams.Its real sports showmanship y'all
Soo anyways cut down to the chase,a few maki hamun from the negeri fans because we thought our players were kinda shitty especially defense,it's like they were waiting for the ball when they should go and run for it.Pancit ke bang?For ball possession Kedah definitely leads with a 70-30 percentage.Yeah they were that good.They even scored first.Imagine the dissapointment from negeri fans.Luckily they managed to catch up and Kedah's second goal was offside.Or else,bye2 laaaa
Penalty was also grueling to watch.I was covering one eye cause I cannot bear to see if we lose.The keeper,HAA that I can say FROM ZERO TO HERO.He was bantai-ed by the negeri fans saying "adei si pendekkk","dia ni pehal nak melompat2","WEH JAGA GOL LA BODO" and many other censored words,too 18 and above to list down.But at the end when he saved the kick from the Kedah player,people were going "WOOOHOOO KAU MMG TERROR LA KOCIK!","hero kami,hero kami."So you see.Physical proof that people do judge you base on your achievements.Lol
So then we won by penalty of 5-4.Ah don't know what happened to the negeri players especially the twins,they were so shitty.Gahh.
Here are zome picturess


aurevoir said...

hahaha, stuju2... asyk mu,chlsea,l.pool jew....seskli lyn kedah n ngori pon best gk~~ g 1, pnalty tu mmg leh wt owg skit jntung kan..haha

Miss Potato said...

tau xpe!hahahaha