Thursday, April 08, 2010

picca picca!

Ah,at first I thought of getting the Canon 450D,but then SARAH AHMAD opened her big mouth and told me about 550D.And the price difference is only RM700.Gahh where to korek money ahh?3K is alottt :((
Anyone wants to buy pokemon cards?Ok scratch that
I'm going to sell *aiskrem Malaysia* Milo flavourrrr....ok SCRATCH THAT!
Begging on the streetsss....nahh cannot too fat
AHHHH I HATE MATERIALISM!I hate that I want too many things!
A good camera comes a long way capturing endless pictures to fill in our memories.Cewahhhhh.Hahaha

originally wanted this

big mouth made me want this!lol
Canon.Delighting you always.HMMPPHHHHHH

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