Monday, April 05, 2010


Holaaa.Ah just got back from JB,with bro and mum since she had a meeting there.Dad and sis couldn't make it so it was just the 3 of us amigos.So alang2 dah ada kat JB,called up la si Luq-man-ul-haqeem.Hahaha bes plak buat nama dia cmtu.So we lepaked with Encik Irsyad and he brought me to different kinds of shopping malls.Asal bosan sikit je chow.Macam tu eh korang?Hahaha but best la dpt jumpa classmate.
Before that I went for a swim,ahh best gilaaaaa.Bodoh la when are they going to fix the swimming pool here? -_______-
Then on Sunday we went to Melaka for a while and it reminded me of VC Cup sooo muchh and I felt sedih sangat seeing the places where we hanged out,mengorat abang bas to take us there.Hahaha it was really fun la guys,I miss it badlyy. :((.So went on the riverboat cruise ok la,I really wish I can get that DSLR camera asap.Its killing me that I have to use the Nokia Camera everytime I see something pretty.
Nothing much to report la.That was my weekend.Sorry Sarah and Jas but I read Sarah's blog and I think she went somewhere else last Sat too.Lolz.
Can't wait for results,and keluar with friends.Sorry do,still banyak lagi benda nak kena buat.
Dear,______________.Please stop being so difficult.All of us need this right now.I think we waited long enough.

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