Tuesday, May 04, 2010

why must you leave so fast?

Well I decide that less is more and that it looks so much much much more simpler than before.Kinda soothing.Yes im talking about my blog layout.Sebab ade org ckp layout aku sebelum ni nampak cam ****** kannn.KAN HAZIQ KANN.Wow nama kau selalu disebut2 ye.Adakah perasaan ini sebenarnyaaa cintaa....HAHAHA APE AKU MELALUT.Haziq,tolong jangan perasan.Aku in the mood nak nyanyikan lagu cik yunalis saja :D

Aloooottttt of things happened this week.Like alot.Shocking things.For one we have some probs about KDO which I hope can be solved asap.Another sad event is that my beloved maid is leaving us for good cause she has some family issues she has to solve back in Indonesia and altho her contract was supposedly to end this July,we have no choice but to let her go earlier.I'm like really sad because this is soo unexpected.Damn I cant look at her face without wanting to cry.I mean for 4 years she has been there for me.Sedih gila kottt.Woooooo serious do.Its like menusuk2 kalbu kinda kesedihan.Haha ok emo much.But I am.I can and cannot imagine how things are going to be like without her around.Cam kalau balik cuti je kak in takpelah,ni balik terus.Its not about us not being able to do the house chores after this.Weh buat malu la dah besar2 dah takkan tak boleh nak buat sendiri.Its having her around,the company to have someone to talk to,to help you with things.Boleh mintak nasi goreng kalau lapar,asking if we want anything and helping us out with so many things.I'm going to miss you sooooo muchhhhhh Kak Innn.And this wont be the last post about you.I will blog more when I send you to the airport this Sunday.I really wish you didnt have to go :((

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