Friday, July 30, 2010

with love,PL3G

Well for our class trip we decided to go to Bukit Merah Laketown for some "summer splash action" since the weather now is so effing hot and the thought of splashing ourselves in the water during this very very hot weather is intriguing.So on Wednesday after law class we packed our stuffs and headed to the car rental place to start moving.On the way,one of the cars had a puncture and there was a slight delay.When we got there 2 more cars faced the same problem but thank God it was still under control.The scenery on the highway was breathtaking but as I was the one driving I couldnt really focus.Staying at the condo squeezing in with everyone was also fun.We had the time of our lives splashing here and there and I will truly miss this event.I just hope that no matter where we are in life after this,we would always remain friends no matter what.OK PL3G babies? :)
WOO scary ok naik benda ni!Tapi sumpah best gilerrrzzzzz!
The skywalk thing.Dissapointing cause we didnt go deep into the jungle.All we saw were rabbits and SHEEP?
the view from the cable chair.
suka gambar ni!ev nampak cantik and TENGOK TANGAN LUQMAN :DDDDDDD
itu dia BEN kena hempuk dengan jayanya!

heh heh seriously la guys.I love you all!

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