Thursday, August 05, 2010


Erghh tak tau la kalau laptop ni yg sial or mmg malang sbb tak boleh langsung nak ambik gambar and kalau ada pun,tak semua boleh bukak nak tgk.TENSION AHH DOH.Malam2 ni baru la ingat nak dapat tgk gamba2 skali semua pun cam buat hal.Tak tau la mana silapnya
Neways minggu ni most of the tests are over.Cant wait to go home next week for Ramadhan :)
Oh and last Tuesday we had debate club's AGM.The crowd was rather.... disappointing.But we dont blame them since we had cikai publicity since everyone has other commitments and all of us are superduper busy with tests and assignments.So for debate our motion was "Sexuality sells in the film industry".I was the opposition.So we crapped alot and Nina even did some "supposedly sexy gestures" to make people alert and as part of her gimmick to support her points.Damn we all went................DAMN.Ahahahahaha
Here are a couple of pictures.Interesting since I only have 2.Damn this stupid Windows can't open some of the pics.I cant even open the pics from Bukit Merah.Ergh

the debate club :)

the opposition yo!

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