Monday, August 30, 2010


Just got back from UiTM Shah Alam from mooting.Ok la i dont think mooting's for me and I dont have the passion for it as much as I have for debate.I find debate to be boring now -__-
My partner,Farhan Zafry aka paan is awesome and mooting's definitely for him.Me on the other hand,haha tak tau la.What's funny was that my sister was there too,as one of the judges for this mooting competition.However the organizers are of course smart enough to ensure that she wont be judging my room.Aih,kalau tak maybe boleh la nak menang one round kan?HAHA YEAH RIGHT.AS IF.There's no biasness in law,ok :P
The pics are not uploaded yet.I'll post it when I have it.Ergh two tests in a row this week.Butttttt I'm still going to miss Kedah sooo muchh. :((
Listening to raya songs is also not helping to make me cheerful.Lolz
the mooters,judges and committee members
the other uitm kedah moot team.
mooting bebehs
kedah girls :)

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