Saturday, September 04, 2010

the dream.

Ever since the muet results were out,many of my friends were stuck in a dilemma,as they feel that their journey to become future lawyers had come to an abrupt end.Some gave up,knowing that they no longer have any interest to further their studies in law,some still being hopeful,re taking the muet exam for the second,third,fourth time.Hoping,that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.Hoping,that this time,they can fulfill their desires and achieve their personal dreams.This time,however,things are just to vague,and the future is certainly uncertain.
It's sad for me to see my friends stumbling,trying to regain their confidence in choosing the best path for them now.Not everyone wanted this,and it was and still most of our dreams to join the law faculty.Who in their right mind would give up such opportunity,when it was so difficult to achieve it in the first place?These friends,all losing faith and hope.Especially when the law dean herself came down to Kedah,with nothing to offer but mere words of not even hope,but just to push reality back to the hopefuls faces.I asked them,"sekarang ni korang dah decide ke nak amik course apa?".Some look at me with blurred faces.Other sigh and tell me they dont know.My close friends all cry out "aku memang mengharap law ni,do.Aku tak tau nak ckp apa aku tak dapat".When I asked them,most felt that there were a few courses that might be suitable.Some still hoping.How are we to know,which course would be the best?When people tell us,"weh fikir baik-baik,ni masa depan kau kot",how are we to know that our decision is the best for our life?Is the best for our future?No one knows,making it more difficult.I dont know.I cant imagine putting myself in their shoes,it hurts.I just hope and pray that they will find what they want in life,and that decision they make would be the best.And I pray for myself too.I have my own dreams.And its a long way to go.

As much as I hate this picture,I just wanted to prove a point.Ngeh.


NABIL said...

babe, you'll do great!

the rest tu pun, if got effort, no worries. and this comes from someone who tak abis abis stumble and still tak menjumpai lampu kat hujung jalan tu haha. but faith keeps you going! may ze force with witchu ols.

Miss Potato said...

thanks sheren!appreciate it bebeh :)