Thursday, September 16, 2010

"You are the sunshine of my life,that's why I'll always love you"-Stevie Wonder

Why now everytime nak buat new post,blogger will write expressed by?Or is it just mine?
Anyhaussss I can't believe that I'm actually up at 4 in the morning,sebab nak panaskan lauk for papa,dia nak buat puasa enam.Lepas tu tak tidur,sampai sekarang.One of the things that I still can't seem to do but I reallllllyyyyyy want to,is to watch the dawn turn to day.It takes around 10 minutes,but somehow no matter how I look,I can't see it changing.So saddd.It's like I'll turn to the sky and then back to my laptop,then when I turn around again,its already daylight.Hmmmm
On another note,I dont feel really good with myself lately.Blame it on lack of self esteem?Hahaha.Maybe laa kot.I dont want to give the wrong impression to people but sometimes I feel like they don't understand what I'm going through.What I noticed is that people always like to compare how you were then,and how you are now.Aha and trust me,I have been through ALOT of changes.So I always appear to be cold to some,probably,which of course I swear to God to have no intention at all.It's sooooo............complicated.Maybe because I feel that my changes are like...negative.Haha ok I don't think you'll get me.But its ok.My random crappings anyway,right?Ngeh ngeh
It's a lovely morning,cold from the wind and sunny at the same time.I think I'm going to make myself a cup of milo and eat the remaining biskut raya.
ps;Cant wait for my house to be finished.Many crappy plans to so call "design" my own territory inside this brain of mine.Gahalo!

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