Tuesday, October 05, 2010

1st gold bebehhh

We're on our way with our first Commonwealth Gold Medal,all thanks to Amirul Hamizan.He fought a tough battle,beating the other two Indian athletes,as they tried to reduce the gap between him and them.He won by a 7 point margin which was considered good enough,although he did not break his own personal record.I watched weightlifting all the way,because we were known to be the favourite,as Amirul was a gold medalist back in Manchester.All through this event,he was amazing,only being unable to carry the weight once and getting the rest perfectly.
Sorry for the other contingent,Muhd Ismail who had failed three times in a row,in an attempt to carry the 133 kg load.Nevertheless we should all be proud of this athlete here,who has put us in the 4th position right now,among the 72 countries participating.We're right on track to get more golds,with 2 world number one's and 2nd for track cycling.All the best Malaysia,I can't wait for tomorrow!



BAru aku dengar berita, terus nmpk kau post psl ni :D TAHNIAH

Miss Potato said...

ahaha aku dari semalam dok kusyuk tgk angkat berat smpai kul 11.30.tu la tak sangka ada jugak la emas kita ni.hehe