Sunday, March 28, 2010

new notebook?heh heh

I want a new laptop.A cute notebook.Cause my parents use my laptop to check their emails and sometimes they take too long.Sooo cam might as well they take this one and I get myself another one,kan?Heh heh.But I wurve this toshiba.It's been wonderful altho at times dia buat perangai tak nak start.Kadang2 jelah.So far no major problems.YET.
I think I want to use this excuse to get myself a new lappie.Haha right elleyh as if they have nothing better to spend their money on.Went car browsing just now looking for a car to replace the beloved naza :((.Quite interesting the choices.Tak tau nak pilih yang mana noww.Wait and see jelah.Ntah2 no car langsung.Ngeh


alololo tomeeyy nyewwww ^.^
Wish list this year:
*Pink room
*Pink notebook
*DSLR Camera
*New phone?Hahaha not really la
*A good vacation.Tk kira la in or outside of Malaysia.Cuti-cuti Malaysia pun tak apa lah
And many more later on.But nak DSLR jugakk pweeasseee mami,dedi.
What u guys suddenly went mute?

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